Dreams in a Witch House

Across Oceans and Over Mountains


arkham above:

  • Investigate Christian Fertnity, were they the last one’s to see father Aqilla? What are these worshipers of Nyarlthep (sp) up to?
  • The Biology Department is conducting a survey at Inssmouth linked with the anthropology department’s trip to Africa.
  • Is Father Aqilla in a Mi-go Brain cylinder or somwhere else?
  • Ghost of Keziah Mason — does she still have power? Responsible for child sacrifices and unspeakable rites on the unvisited island?
  • Franklin Mason and the Key Grimoier: What does the key grimoier mean, do you really only have a year to live?

Arkham Beneath:

  • MI-go compound: what are these bizzar aliens planning?
  • Shaquan Mel and friends: the giant land squids seem to occupy the ruins of the ancient city beneath.
  • Gate to kan’yan — this gate has been opened.
  • Slave Mines: Father Aqilla’s diary says that slaves were being kept near the underground mines… by who?
  • Ghoul City: a large collective of ghouls has an outpost beneath Arkham.


  • get back home — it is possible to escape through the dream lands back to home.
  • sacrifice — Katrina was going to be sacrificed to the ruler of an unknown kingdom in the
    North East, why?
  • Over Seas: The characters have gotten passage across the dream land seas in exchange for protecting a merchant prince.
  • A wizard far away: the characters have been sent on a quest to help a wizard in far off Vornai



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