Dreams in a Witch House

Moving Day

Date the lease at the Mason House begins.
The four new residents of the Mason House moved in.

Lloyd Geibtig works for Mr. and Mrs. Dombrowski as a care taker and super attendant for the house.

Three keys came with the house:

metal chest key: small metal key

House key: Large gold key.

Black Key : The Conjuring key, has a strange symbol on it. "

Silver Key":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/witch-house/items/silver-key : The Channeling Key, has a strange symbol on it.

Padre Juan Arrupe passed a Strange Loafer in the street while going to food for himself and his new house mates.

Several strange passages from something that seems to be called the Key Grimoire were found scattered about the house

The first night at the house katrina had a strange Dream of a fantastical far off land, where she was acting as an ambassador to negotiate with an unknown queen for magic that will keep mt. Arran from destroying the city state of Celephais.

After spending the first night in their new rooms they noticed that they had strange tattoos in the morning.



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