Dreams in a Witch House

Something Fishy...

First the character’s opened the Wall Safe in the Parlor of the Mason House. They found a shriveled finger, a weird porthole, and a wind up key.

During this session the characters pursued the following leads:

  • Title of Arabic book in Guntman’s house.
  • Runes on cave walls.
  • investigate the Curiosity shop located in Merchant Dist.

Our heroes went to MISKATONIC U CAMPUS to try and learn more. While failing to gain access to the restricted section of the library they did learn about the runes on the cave wall. The runes seemed to depict a scenario of reception of wisdom from the stars. Those familiar with Arkham and Miskatonic remembered the Christian Fraternity of Starry Wisdom. An on campus christian frat.

They also looked up the title of the arabic book in the The Fat Man’s house. The book is titled: “The Necranomicon Culinary Guide.” Which has all sorts of disturbing implications.

They also paid a visit to the curio shop. The shop keeper told them about old Keziah Mason who is now said to return from the dead once a year on the winter solstice and sacrifice a child on the Unvisited Island. He told them other haunting stories about the Ghouls plaguing the Old Wooded Graveyard. They learned the location of a mythos tomb the Cultes De Ghouls in the store.

Later, katrina and Karen Zimmerman convinced him that they were also antique dealers.

Remaining Leads:

  • Appointment at the Anthropology Department.
  • Secrets to defeating the Coiling Monster in Cultes De Ghouls.
  • Investing the Fraternity.



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