Dreams in a Witch House

The Servants of The Yellow God

Leads followed; talk to Anthroplogy department, stole cultes de ghouls.

In experimenting with making a perpetual motion machine, Karen Zimmerman caused a wave static to flood from one corner of the room to another. Strange faces could be seen in the static.

Characters performed a heist where they were able to obtain a copy of the cultes de ghouls.

Two more students vanish, and there is an attack on the library.

Lloyd Geibtig and Padre Juan Arrupe went to a meeting at the Anthropology Department. The Mask came from a chamber (one was replica) excavated in lower lands in Kenya. This was a sacred chamber in which contact can be made with one’s deity. Such a chamber can only be established is a place that could be connected to the spirit world. Spirit guardians are summoned to defend it from outsiders. These serpent like guardians are associated with the cult of the bloody tongue in the Kenyan Highlands.

Armed with shot guns and knowledge from the cultes de ghouls the characters set up to defeat the Hunting Horror once and for all. They succeeded not only in banishing the monstrosity but in sealing the gate between two worlds that had been opened in a hidden chamber beneath the Library tower.

Remaining leads:

  • meet ghouls with Johnny Carcosca.
  • finish reading cultes de ghouls.
  • Christian Fertnity
  • The Biology Department is conducting a survey at Inssmouth linked with the anthropology department’s trip to Africa.



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