Dreams in a Witch House

Trouble at the Tower

The morning after fully exploring the Mason House, news comes in that there was an explosion at the Miskatonic University Library tower. Two students are missing and, while not structurally damaged, the tower is blocked off due to fears of a gas leak.

When our band of heroes go to investigate they find a two masks missing from the library tower. The masks were recovered by an anthropology expedition in Africa, and were supposed to be used by an old cult who worshiped some sort of fish god.

After exploring the tower they found a disused tunnel running under the tower. Inside the twisting, waterlogged cavern they were ambushed by a Coiling Serpent Thing. They barely manage to escape with their lives. Though they noticed strange runes were printed on the side of the cave as they ran for their lives.

After receiving emergency care, the character’s were unable to rest for long. They had dinner plans with Casper Guntman. Met at the door by his ominous servant Joseph Verneease, the characters are led for dinner. After several drinks Casper led them to his art gallery where he showed them a number of odd and disturbing paintings. One of them depicted a dark Pharaoh looking sideways at a half invisible coiling monstrosity. Another painting was a pickman original showing portraits of Ghouls.

Only later did the ominous Mr. Guntman reveal that it was in fact Ghoul meat that the characters had for dinner.

At the same time katrina, riding the mind of Mortimer, seaked into the house of Casper Guntman. She over heard two mooks talking about how they would soon “go get another one” at the tower. She also found an occult looking Arabic book in Guntman’s bed room, which she unsuccessfully tried to burn.

The long day ended with opening the combination lock on the safe in the Mason House.


  • Anthropology department expedition.
  • Arabic book (player’s know title).
  • Runes in Cave under tower.
  • Guntman’s men going to “get another one” at the tower.
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