Katrina Alexiou

Stoner Gypsy Semi-Psychic


Currently holds 3 unusual keys.

  • Appears to have the Summoning Key described by the Key Grimoire. While trying it out in a strange panel in the monkhole under her room, she accidentally summoned a black cat familiar named Mortimer. When in a trance Katrina can see and sense what her familiar does at the cost of losing the ability to do anything more demanding than walk briskly or send a text.
  • Has read the Cultes De Ghouls from cover to cover, and after studying an interesting passage more carefully, learned to Banish or Summon a Hunting Horror at will. Her first attempt inadvertantly brought two hunting horrors forth from beyond…in a strange mating ritual. After commanding them to continue, she banished them. With that, she gained the power to summon and banish Hunting Horrors at will. Strangely enough, the ability to do this came very naturally to her.
  • What did not come naturally to her, however, was a bit of necromancy also gleaned from the Cultes De Ghouls: the ability to summon an unnatural darkness that only she and anyone who happens to be touching her can see through. After mastering the first spell, she is very interested to learn another.

Katrina Alexiou

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