Cthulhu Dreams Us

Artistic rendition of Cthulhu dreaming


Found in the Parlor.

This painting depicts a man laying on his back. The chest cavity is split open and ocean water is spilling out of it. From his chest and spine emerges the monolithic structures of a great sunken city. At the heart of the man, and at the center of the city, a colossal, terrible, thing lies submerged. At some angles it appears to be an anthropomorphic reptile. When viewed at other angles it seems to be some sort sleek, predatory, amphibian. Sometimes it appears to have giant bat wings springing from its back, at a second look they are just large fins or webbed hands. Sometimes it looks as though it is surrounded by wisps of smoke, other times those wisps become a mass of tentacles springing from its body. The painting is disturbing to look at for too long.

Cthulhu nascent

Karen Zimmerman noted that the art work was similar in style to the works of a Bostonian artist named Richard Pickman.


Cthulhu Dreams Us

Dreams in a Witch House desimon