Key Grimoire


The Grimoire of Keys, HOW TO USE IT:

1) One who bares a mark may bare a key, let them be known as the key holders.

1 a) There are nine keys, eight marks, and eight key holders.

1 a i) The Ninth key has no holder and can only be used by one with eight keys and eight marks.

2) To unlock the magic of the grimoire both a key and mark are needed.

4) once activated anyone may use the key in its matching lock to open a portal. One turn of the key opens two doors.

5) One may be the key holder of more than one key.

6) One holder may use their key to take the mark from another, this is called Scraping.

6 c) The Bending Key Scrapes others by locking them in a bending room with the south end open ELSEWHERE.

7) Extended use of the Keys can place a great deal of stress on those who are mentally or emotionally fragile.

7 a) If you need respite and mental restoration, use the dreaming key to open a dreaming room and spend some time there.

7 b) The first three holders of the conjuring key were horribly devoured by the creatures they sought to control.

8) The only Purpose of the Awakening Key is to Awaken.

9) We do not recommend you use the Awakening Key under any circumstances.

9 a) Really, using the Awakening Key is a horrible idea.

10) The first eight keys correspond to eight places of power throughout Arkham.

10 a i) I have erred in putting this all one place, from now on I will divide this user manual into pieces so it will not be easy for those who would seek to misuse the power of the keys to exploit it.

11 ) Some who spend to long in a key room become obsessed.

11 a) They will do anything to gain all eight marks.
11 a i) They have peered through the threshold, they have seen heaven and hell.
11 a ii) They will try to get the resurection key,and open the ninth door.
11 a iii) They are plotting to break your mind and take your mark even as you read this.

13) If one who bares a mark is killed the marks reform in their originally etched location at the Mason House.

14) A year after first using a key you will die.

14 a) Yet, it is possible to get another to die in your place.

16) The Shifting Key fits all sorts of sizes and is a size for all sorts of fits.

16 a) Try it in doors big and small.

not numbered) I have told you at least one lie.


Key Grimoire

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