Dreams in a Witch House

Yith Arrives

750 to 450 million years ago;

Flying Pylops arrive

The minds of the Great Race of Yith travel across time and space to inhabit the bodies of cone-shaped beings in Australia. Yithians conquor the Pylops and build guard cities atop them.

Cthulhu Arrives

Cthulhu and his spawn seep down from the distant star system of Xoth, claiming a huge continent and naming it R’lyeh.

War begins with the Eldar Things.

innsmouth founded

Nearby town Innsmouth founded.

Keziah Escapes
Keziah escapes Salem Gaol
antartic expedition lands
"recent history"

Miskatonic’s famous expedition to the Antarctic circle reaches its destination.

Moving Day

Date the lease at the Mason House begins.
The four new residents of the Mason House moved in.

Lloyd Geibtig works for Mr. and Mrs. Dombrowski as a care taker and super attendant for the house.

Three keys came with the house:

metal chest key: small metal key

House key: Large gold key.

Black Key : The Conjuring key, has a strange symbol on it. "

Silver Key":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/witch-house/items/silver-key : The Channeling Key, has a strange symbol on it.

Padre Juan Arrupe passed a Strange Loafer in the street while going to food for himself and his new house mates.

Several strange passages from something that seems to be called the Key Grimoire were found scattered about the house

The first night at the house katrina had a strange Dream of a fantastical far off land, where she was acting as an ambassador to negotiate with an unknown queen for magic that will keep mt. Arran from destroying the city state of Celephais.

After spending the first night in their new rooms they noticed that they had strange tattoos in the morning.

The Day After

The day after moving into the Mason House, the characters continue to investigate its secrets…

Trouble at the Tower

The morning after fully exploring the Mason House, news comes in that there was an explosion at the Miskatonic University Library tower. Two students are missing and, while not structurally damaged, the tower is blocked off due to fears of a gas leak.

When our band of heroes go to investigate they find a two masks missing from the library tower. The masks were recovered by an anthropology expedition in Africa, and were supposed to be used by an old cult who worshiped some sort of fish god.

After exploring the tower they found a disused tunnel running under the tower. Inside the twisting, waterlogged cavern they were ambushed by a Coiling Serpent Thing. They barely manage to escape with their lives. Though they noticed strange runes were printed on the side of the cave as they ran for their lives.

After receiving emergency care, the character’s were unable to rest for long. They had dinner plans with Casper Guntman. Met at the door by his ominous servant Joseph Verneease, the characters are led for dinner. After several drinks Casper led them to his art gallery where he showed them a number of odd and disturbing paintings. One of them depicted a dark Pharaoh looking sideways at a half invisible coiling monstrosity. Another painting was a pickman original showing portraits of Ghouls.

Only later did the ominous Mr. Guntman reveal that it was in fact Ghoul meat that the characters had for dinner.

At the same time katrina, riding the mind of Mortimer, seaked into the house of Casper Guntman. She over heard two mooks talking about how they would soon “go get another one” at the tower. She also found an occult looking Arabic book in Guntman’s bed room, which she unsuccessfully tried to burn.

The long day ended with opening the combination lock on the safe in the Mason House.


  • Anthropology department expedition.
  • Arabic book (player’s know title).
  • Runes in Cave under tower.
  • Guntman’s men going to “get another one” at the tower.
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    Something Fishy...

    First the character’s opened the Wall Safe in the Parlor of the Mason House. They found a shriveled finger, a weird porthole, and a wind up key.

    During this session the characters pursued the following leads:

    • Title of Arabic book in Guntman’s house.
    • Runes on cave walls.
    • investigate the Curiosity shop located in Merchant Dist.

    Our heroes went to MISKATONIC U CAMPUS to try and learn more. While failing to gain access to the restricted section of the library they did learn about the runes on the cave wall. The runes seemed to depict a scenario of reception of wisdom from the stars. Those familiar with Arkham and Miskatonic remembered the Christian Fraternity of Starry Wisdom. An on campus christian frat.

    They also looked up the title of the arabic book in the The Fat Man’s house. The book is titled: “The Necranomicon Culinary Guide.” Which has all sorts of disturbing implications.

    They also paid a visit to the curio shop. The shop keeper told them about old Keziah Mason who is now said to return from the dead once a year on the winter solstice and sacrifice a child on the Unvisited Island. He told them other haunting stories about the Ghouls plaguing the Old Wooded Graveyard. They learned the location of a mythos tomb the Cultes De Ghouls in the store.

    Later, katrina and Karen Zimmerman convinced him that they were also antique dealers.

    Remaining Leads:

    • Appointment at the Anthropology Department.
    • Secrets to defeating the Coiling Monster in Cultes De Ghouls.
    • Investing the Fraternity.
    The Servants of The Yellow God

    Leads followed; talk to Anthroplogy department, stole cultes de ghouls.

    In experimenting with making a perpetual motion machine, Karen Zimmerman caused a wave static to flood from one corner of the room to another. Strange faces could be seen in the static.

    Characters performed a heist where they were able to obtain a copy of the cultes de ghouls.

    Two more students vanish, and there is an attack on the library.

    Lloyd Geibtig and Padre Juan Arrupe went to a meeting at the Anthropology Department. The Mask came from a chamber (one was replica) excavated in lower lands in Kenya. This was a sacred chamber in which contact can be made with one’s deity. Such a chamber can only be established is a place that could be connected to the spirit world. Spirit guardians are summoned to defend it from outsiders. These serpent like guardians are associated with the cult of the bloody tongue in the Kenyan Highlands.

    Armed with shot guns and knowledge from the cultes de ghouls the characters set up to defeat the Hunting Horror once and for all. They succeeded not only in banishing the monstrosity but in sealing the gate between two worlds that had been opened in a hidden chamber beneath the Library tower.

    Remaining leads:

    • meet ghouls with Johnny Carcosca.
    • finish reading cultes de ghouls.
    • Christian Fertnity
    • The Biology Department is conducting a survey at Inssmouth linked with the anthropology department’s trip to Africa.

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