Stats and Skills

There are four main stats


  • free skills: General Athletics, Struggle (hand-to-hand).
  • example skills: Enduring Torture, Climbing, Distracting Physique, Hold Your Breath


  • free: Dodge, Drive, Initiative
  • example: firearms, Squirrelly Reflexes, Snatch, move silently, Juggling,


  • free: Notice, Conceal, General Education
  • Example: Double Think, Photographic Memory, History, The Occult,


  • free: Charm, Lying
  • Example: Psychoanalysis, Play Dumb, Sing the blues, A Friend in the Family, Good Ol Whatshisname,

Obsession Skill

All of the main characters in this game are obsessed with something.
Choose one of your skills to be your obsession skill.
Once per game you may:

  • Re-roll your obsession skill roll.

How Skills Help

The level in a skill cannot be higher than the appropriate stat. If your stat temporarily falls so does your skill.

Skill modifiers:

3 – 10: untrained, take an untrained penalty based on how technical the skill is.

11 – 12: novice, receive no penalty or bonus

13 – 14: +1

15 – 16: +2

17 – 18: +3

19 – 20: +4

21: +5

22: +6


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