Character Creation

general System rule notes

Character Creation

You have (45/20) points to Choose attributes and Skills. attributes (AKA Stats) are purchased one for one.

Use the following point by chart for skills:

0 to 5 (some knowledge of): 1 pts.
5 to 11 (novice): 2 pts
11 to 13 (experienced): 2 pts
13 to 15: 2 pts
15 to 17: 2 pts
17 to 19: 2 pts
19 to 21: 4 pts
21 to 22: 4 pts

left over points translate to xp

Don’t forget to choose your special obsession skill as well.

Next deal with sanity, insanity, and faith. Decide upon pillars of faith and their corresponding coping mechanisms.

Finally finish up your character details by defining your obsession and choosing one area in which you have been “hardened”

Character Creation

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