Kitchen: There is a series of metal canisters on the shelf above the stove: flour, sugar, tea, coffee. It is obvious from a gap in the line that one is missing (the salt). The door to the cellar is here.

Library: This room was obviously once a library, as shown by the shelves built into the walls, but it has been refurbished into a bedroom. Padre Juan Arrupe now calls this room home. There are still a few old books scattered on the shelves. They seem to be books on history, folklore and the occult.

The Hall: A spacious entrance hall. The whole ceiling is moist and dark.

pantry: A terrible rotting meaty smell comes from in here. There is rotting food in the old fashioned ice box.

Empty Room: One of the prepared bedrooms. Lloyd Geibtig has claimed this as his room. There is a large comfortable looking ornate bed in the middle of the room, a wardrobe, and a desk. One of the floor edges is covered by a desk, water damage is visible on the other two floor edges.

Laundry: Empty disused tubs with odd sediments. There is a linen closet; anyone opening it is showered with towels, bedding, etc. Water damage is present on the ceiling.

Cloakroom: There is a huge dark figure with an axe in here — no, it’s just an overcoat. Pulling one of the wood coat hangers attached to the wall opens a secret passage to the library.

Parlor Double doors lead to the parlor. Comfy chairs wait patiently for absent guests. There is also an ornate wooden coffee table here. The wooden panels have been removed, revealing a strange stone floor. From the stone next to the couch is a bust of some god. A disturbing picture tiled “Cthulhu Dreams Us” hangs on one of the walls.

Dining Room: A medium sized dining table is here. There are thin slivers of broken glass on here, the remnants of a pepper shaker. The walls are cracked and moist.

store room; Filled with junk, boxes, barrels, crates, and so on. A large area of mold and moisture can be seen in the center of the floor. There is now a hole in the floor from where Lloyd Geibtig stepped on a weak spot, the hole leads to the Coal Cellar

Study: A large desk and incredibly comfy looking chair are here and an old fashioned lantern. Lots of cob webs, the study has not been used for awhile.


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