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The campus area is an Arkham showplace Landscaped and kept immaculately clean, the university grounds are a cool and shady place for a summer walk. Almost all of the university’s buildings are found here, including the hospital and the field house. North of Crane Street and west of West street is a block of substantial residential homes, designed in the Georgian/Federalist style. Many of these large homes are no longer residences, but are maintained as offices by the university or other organizations. This block is as well groomed as any part of campus. West of boundary street are blocks of older, more modest residences. Hill Street is an unlit dirt road underlain by a foundation of rotting timbers, poking up through the road in places. This very rustic section of town contains many Seventeenth-century homes, and the families of the inhabitants have lived in them for ten generations and more, datable to the first settlement of Arkham.

In terms of Academics Miskatonic is one step below level of Brown and Columbia, leaving some to accuse the university of being an “Ivy League Wanna-be.”

The football team is the fighting whippoorwills, they are division II.

University Buildings

  • Library
  • Administration
  • Science Building
  • Humanities
  • Arts building
  • Computer Lab


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