Faced with evidence of the impossible your minds have started to make leaps in logic that you would have once considered to be tantamount to insanity.



The Bloody Tongue: Worshiped as a destroyer deity in Kenya. Associated with using the Hunting Horrors as guardians and servants.

The Dark Pharaoh: A strange painting encountered at the house of the The Fat Man, suggests an evil Egyptian lord with god like powers and an association with the Hunting Horror.

The Black Man: Worshiped by witches in puritan new England. One of Nyarlathotep’s masks.

The Yellow God: A mysterious deity that provokes a great deal of fear in those who have heard of his whispered name. Known to be the master of the Coiling-Serpent-Thing. One of the forms in which Nyarlathotep appears.

Satan: the Judeo-christian angel/god of corruption and evil. Mythos scholars associate him with The Black Man and Nyarlathotep

Dagon: An ancient marine god who Mortimer says is worshiped by the Deep Ones in the dream lands.


Hunting Horror: Servants and guards to evil sorcerers. Said to be creations/pets of Nyarlathotep

The Gnorri

Deep Ones: A race of fish like creatures who dwell in the deepest dream land waters. They have gone to war with The Gnorri before. Not much is known of them.

Ghouls: Shaggy human like creatures who dwell under graveyards and scavenge human flesh.

The Witch, [[Keziah Mason

  • cults*

The cult of the bloody tongue.

The Kenyan fish god cult.


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