Skill Tests

Make a skill test:

  • roll 2D6 and 1D10, add/subtract skill modifier, compare to target number of 12.

Critical Results

If you roll on the D10 a 1, 6, or 10 and a matched pair on the D6s (two 2s, two 3s, etc,) you if you are above the target number (after applying the skill modifier) represents an exceptional triumph (if you are above the target number) or failure (if you are below).

OACOWA (Open a Can of Woopass): a natural 22, represents a critical success.

BOHICA (Bend Over Here it Comes Again): a natural 3, indicates a critical failure. Do not roll this when attempting to harness forbidden supernatural forces.

Contested Challenges

Both roll and compare results to the target number, usually defaults to 12:

One Succeeds one does not — successful character wins contest.

Both Fail — nothing happens.

Both Succeed — whoever rolls higher wins, take difference in rolls to find the margin of success.

Cooperative actions

Whoever has the highest skill rolls, anyone who has a points in the skill may assist. Each assistant makes their skill roll and for succeeding adds either 1 or their skill modifier to the roll of the one they are assisting.

If in a group and there is something that affects the entire group, and assistants are not skilled, only the member with the highest skill rolls.


In each round of combat a character gets a defensive action, combat action, and a simple action.

The defensive action can be declared at any time, but once declared is used against all attacks that round.

Offensive actions are a weapon/firearms/unarmed combat skill roll against a target number of 12 apply the relevant combat skill modifier subtract the relevant defensive skill modifier. If successful apply physical damage based on weapon type.


Physical damage temporarily subtracts from either speed or body. Unless otherwise stated the defender chooses how to divide the damage between the two stats. Once either stat reaches zero the character is unconscious.

Weapons and Damage

  • Hand to Hand combat
If successful add the 2D6 + (net) skill modifier
  • Using a weapon in a hand to hand attack
If successful add the 2D6 + (net) skill modifier. Then consider the following questions: Is the weapon big? (you need both hands to wield it) Is the weapon heavy? (has the heft to crack bones) Is it Penetrating? (can it cut or stab through skin) Is it Magic? (does it have a supernatural origin.) For each yes add +2 damage. Any hand to hand attack with a penetrating weapon does a minimum of one point of damage

(even if you fail the roll to hit).

  • A firearm attack
Add all three dice together + (net) skill modifier + range modifier.

range modifiers:
Point blank range: + 4
Short: + 3
Medium: + 1

Three Shot Burst: + 2 damage -1 to attack. Full Auto: + 4 damage -3 to attack. Suppressive Fire: If successful your skill modifier becomes a negative modifier to other actions that could be influenced by the suppressive fire, alternatively the person/creature can choose to take maximium firearm damage – armor.


Determined at the beginning of combat, roll a D10 + speed modifier. Can spend a turn to add 10 to it while taking no other actions.


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