The Balcony: A thin balcony with a flimsy looking rail around it.

Guest Bedroom: This is Karen Zimmerman’s bedroom. A fireplace and a thin bed mark this room as a guest bedroom. The fireplace has been meticulously cleaned by Karen.

Monkhole: Smells suspiciously like pot. A trapdoor in the roof leads to the exit. There is also a panel compartment with a lock decorated by the symbol on the Black Key in the side of one wall.

Bathroom: A large and luxurious bathroom, with a faucet and standing bath (bird claw bronze feet).

Den: A shotgun hangs above the mantle place here. Otherwise the room has some old pictures and a single chair in it.

Master Bedroom: The Master Bed has a canopy and the room seems like it was once expensively decorated. There is a table, couch, TV, desk, and counters line the wall. There is a clean fireplace here.

Lounge: There is a large fold out couch here and A TV. Huge windows afford a wide view out over the front yard, except they are shuttered at present. Some moisture is visible at the edge of the walls.

Trophy Room: This room contain archeological artifacts from tombs the world over. Pots, vases, statuettes, carvings, musical instruments, idols, and more. (mostly south American funerary artifacts).


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