Cultes De Ghouls (english)

Mythos tomb in english


time to finish: 2 weeks (because this is the incomplete translated edition)

Mythos points: +2
Mythos check (rank 2) 1 / 2-5
Isolation check (rank 2) 0/1-3.

Hunting horror
Conjure Darkness


THe musty old translation of the French book seems to contain information on The Yellow God and his horrible servants, the Coiling Serpent Things. This is a Mythos book from which additional knowledge of the mythos can be gained. It has been stolen from the curiosity shop.

this English translation of the original is shorter and less complete than the French version.

gained from “reference” roll on cultes des ghouls:
(on Hunting Horror, the servant of the yellow god).

A Hunting Horror can be banished through immersion in sunlight.

A hunting horror can temporarily be summoned and controlled by spell caster if they spend enough soul points per turn. A human sacrifice can be used in place of soul points (soul of the sacrificial victim). 2 soul points a turn for an average horror and additional soul points can be spent for a control bonus (not for initial summoning).

A permanent summoning to gaurd, hunt, or retrive requires a place where the yellow god has influence and one human sacrifice in addition to any used for soul points. A control roll is made once a week instead of once a turn (at the end of the week), but any soul points from sacrifice are banked.

If permanently summoned by a mortal sorcerer a shriveled body part is built into a small figurine of the creature. The body part must be either from the sorcerer To actively control the creature the figurine must be set up in a ritual chamber and the summoner must focus on it and make a control roll. Note: even if not directly controlled the creature fulfills its purpose as long as the weekly control roll is made. If smashed the creature is banished. The figurine is usually kept in a ritual chamber in the cult strong hold. For guardians the ritual chamber should be underground, in a vault, or some sort of reinforced fortress. For retrieving items/people the ritual chamber should be a parlor, gallery, or bedroom (person) with a symbol of the item or an object belonging to the person in it. For hunting a bed room or a shrine in a “predatory place” (woods, etc) is appropriate with an object belonging to the person near bye.

Cultes De Ghouls (english)

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