cheat sheet

Modifier Cheat Sheet

Skill or attribute level:

10<= -1 to -4 depending on situation, level technical difficulty
11 to 12 -0 to -1 depending on situation, technical difficulty
13 -14 +1
15 – 16 +2
17 – 18 +3
19 – 20 +4
21 +5
22 +6

Combat Cheat Sheet

1) roll initiative: D10 + speed.
2) on your turn:

  • move or simple action
  • complex action or attack or another simple action or spring (extra move).
  • Choose target to defend against. (please remind the ST)

3) If attacking roll: 2D6 1D10 + attack skill – targets defense.

4) apply Damage from the roll :
Hand to Hand: add the 2D6 + attack skill – targets defense.
weapon: add the 2D6 + 2 if heavy + 2 if penetrating + 2 if big + 2 if magic + attack skill – targets Defense.
firearm: add the 2D6 + D10 + range modifier + attack skill – targets defense.

range modifier; +4 if point blank, + 3 if short, + 1 if medium.

Other firearm notes:

Three Shot Burst (for semi automatics): + 2 damage -1 to attack. Full Auto: + 4 damage -3 to attack. Suppressive Fire: If successful your skill modifier becomes a negative modifier to other actions that could be influenced by the suppressive fire.

Sanity cheat sheet

When confronted with a situation that could result in sanity loss:

1) If not a mythos test and if your rank in hardened in that category is greater than the rank of the test loose no sanity.

2) If a mythos test or if rank of test > ranks in hardened, roll 2d6 1d10 + (rank in hardened – rank of test) + belief skill modifier (such as lloyd’s deny skill). If successful then no or small sanity is lost. If rank of test > ranks of hardened and successful then gain a rank in hardened. If failed then lose larger sanity amount.

3) If you drop below the threshold for the pillar you must test to see if the pillar shatters roll 2D6+1D10 + (mind or soul modifier) + belief skill modifier – amount of sanity lost. If you fail the pillar is shattered. Only one pillar may be shattered at a time unless confronted with a great old one or outer god.


Whoever has the highest skill rolls, anyone who has a points in the skill may assist. Each assistant makes their skill roll and for succeeding adds either 1 or their skill modifier to the roll of the one they are assisting.

cheat sheet

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