spell skill

(these rules are still in development)

First you must perform a through study of the material to learn the spell. This is done either from a book see Mythos books or a teacher. This takes the time to read through the book or to spend several weeks to a month of intense study with a teacher.

A number of up front experience must be invested to learn the spell depending on its level 3*level. Unless the character has special training or is specially adept in that, in which case this exp cost is waved.

Finally the spell must be successfully cast, under ritual conditions, while being read from the book, no penalty but at + 3 chaos points. If successful the skill is learned.

The spell is then purchased as a normal skill. It can fall under any attribute depending on the spell though mind and soul are more common.

If your skill is from 0 – 5 you take a -2 penalty to the spell roll.

Random Effects

Roll a d4 -1 and tell the GM the number.

spell skill

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